FOX Racing Tattoo

FOX Racing Tattoo

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Britnie says:

Man I really like your tatoo i want to get one of them myself i love to ride i am riding all the time and i Really like it it looks good..

kyle sullivan says:

man that is one awsome tat i dont race but my friends do and that looks like that hurt

justin says:

i race and luv to ride and hav ridden since i was 4

C.J. Fox says:

man tht is pretty sweet thts my last name and i FMX so thats pretty bada*s bro.

C.J. Fox says:

and im getting 1 soon so im gonna put a pic of it on my myspace

staats says:

yea thats a bada*s tatt… i have my last name in my back but i think that im gonna get one soon deff something t do with fox

Jenn says:

That is a f*kin pimp tattoo! I face mx in wyoming, montana, Idaho& I want a tattoo like that, but a bit much for a girl. Lol!
Sweet though! :)

barrelracer says:

-i like it lots but dnt look good on u sorry lol- but i really do like it its just ur back has lots of freckles and it just sticks out sorry hun

kayla says:

dang im 16 i have been riding seen i was 3 and im giting my 2 tattoo and its going to be fox in pink

bowzy says:

i lv that tat i gunner get one i like to eneything on 2 wheels am 18 i been riding sine i was 2 ever since i been riding but i been working now but i ride after work and weekends i got 3 bikes 1 jd bike 24 severn 06 and a trials bike monty 08 and a bmx and i had a 250 cc ktm but i sold that

Kayla polley says:

i luv fox racing and i have been riding since i was 3 and i am retting a tatoo of a fox head dat is black and pink

Adreanna says:

your tat is bad i have one myself of the the fox racing head

Jessica says:

Looks good.

Chelsea says:

I got a fox tattoo but its got a bow on the ear for a girl :)
Yours is freaking sweet though!

Chris says:

I have that on my neck but mine says racing to.

Kindra says:

I got a fox tattoo on the middle of my back its a little less than that size but its sick as f**k n i love it.. n i do ride.

Macy says:

i like it a lot, i want my dad to get one.

Chris says:

Yo, that tattoo is sweet as hell, how much did it cost?

Shawna says:

Love it!

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